The art historian and theorist Hans Belting writes that the image of the human being and the image of the body are more interrelated than what current theories say. The exposition was formed from the realization that several times in the last 7 years I took photos that combine the human body with the landscape. I made a large installation in the form of a dune in the corner of the gallery. I decided that the expo should be exclusively photography because a photograph has the quality of being "THE TRUTH"- "a physical proof" of something that existed. All of the images in this show existed for at least several seconds. 

The exhibit is formed by two series: the first includes photos of arms, hands and legs that I took in New York and the photos of dunes that I took in the desert of Peru.

One could say that life consists of the relationship of the human being and his or her surroundings which frequently is the landscape. Combining the human body with the landscape to achieve an uncanny integration, creates an intimacy not usually associated with the concept of landscape.